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55 Alive Close Call Quiz - 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Every day it seems traffic gets more congested, cars move faster and for many, driving becomes very stressful and, quite simply, a hassle. Is that the case with you?

Ask yourself the following questions.

1. Do you sometimes say, "Whew, that was close."
Yes    No

2. At times, do cars seem to appear from nowhere?
Yes    No

3. At intersections, do cars sometimes proceed when you felt you had the right of way?
Yes    No

4. Are gaps in traffic harder to judge?
Yes    No

5. Do others honk at you?
Yes    No

6. After driving, do you feel physically exhausted?
Yes    No

7. Do you think you are slower than you used to be in reacting to dangerous driving situations?
Yes    No

8. Have you had an increased number of near-accidents in the past year?
Yes    No

9. Do you find it difficult to decide when to join traffic on a busy expressways?
Yes    No

10. Do intersections bother you because there is so much to watch for in all directions?
Yes    No



This quiz is provided as a service of the AARP Driver Safety Program. Your results are neither recorded nor transmitted to any other entity or organization.

Copyright 1995-2003, AARP. All rights reserved.



If you are a senior, what matters is how you drive, and not where you drive!

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