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CCD curriculum apprové par MTO

Driver Instructors' Golden Horseshoe Association (D.I.G.H.A.)

D.I.G.H.A.We, the Driving Instructors Golden Horseshoe Association of Ontario

Realize the need for an association to represent the individual and collective interests of Driving Instructors

Recognize the importance of the services provided by professional Driver Instructors and contributing to facilitate and enhance communication to the parties concerned; have, pursuant to Part III of the Corporation Act (Ontario), by Letters Patent issued on August 12, 1994, established an association with the aim of providing its members with the means of achieving the objectives stated here under.

The principal purposes of the Association are to initiate, sponsor, promote, and execute policies and activities that will further the profession.

The primary objectives of the Association are:

  • to provide a collective voice for its members
  • to maintain and promote professional standards and integrity among its members, thus ensuring the status and dignity of the profession
  • to upgrade the professional skills of drivers in order to meet the increasing demands for professional DRIVER EDUCATOR services within the system
  • to attain wider recognition among the social community and the public at large of the unique role and function of the Driver Educators
  • to improve working conditions and remunerations
  • to provide a forum among its members for the exchange of ideas and discussion of common concerns in the profession
  • to provide information about the profession to the general public and to the provincial and local MTO system
  • to liaise and network with similar organizations in Canada and worldwide
  • to attend to the issues incidental to the objectives of the Association

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