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"IT'S NO ACCIDENT" a Driver Improvement Course

The DIC program is recommended to those who need it for corporate driving improvement. It may also be used as a court ordered driver re-education. a.k.a. "Traffic School"

It is an indisputable fact that almost every crash involving a motor vehicle is preventable! If drivers had identified hazards and taken preventive actions thousands of collisions would not take place daily.

"It's No Accident!" is a four(4)-Module, video based training Program designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of people who drive cars and vans on and off the job.

Background - Highway Safety

Driving a vehicle on the highway is one of the most potentially dangerous tasks a person performs. The motor vehicle is 2,000 pounds or more of moving metal. Maintained in good condition and in the hands of a skillful driver, it is an effective transportation tool.

The vehicle can become a deadly weapon with the ability to maim or kill if the driver lacks skills, is fatigued, distracted, or under the influence of drugs.

According to the Ministry of Health, over half of all occupational fatalities occur while driving a motor vehicle on business. Is this acceptable? What can be done to reduce the crashes on the nation's highways? An answer is to develop the skills of drivers.

Background - Importance of Driver Training

Most people rely on a motor vehicle for transportation to and from work. Personnel in many workplaces depend on one to perform their jobs. In most organizations these employees receive hours of training in how to skillfully perform every aspect of their jobs... except how to drive to prevent crashes.

Most drivers may have received no formal training since they got their first drivers license unless they have attended traffic school to have violations removed from their license. Experience gained from near-misses and crashes has become their primary teacher.

Identifying hazards and taking preventive actions on the highway is a skill! It requires a commitment to train drivers... especially those who may think they know everything there is to know about driving because "they have driven for years!" That kind of complacency leads to crashes!

Crash-free driving is a skill... a business skill ... a living skill... a skill which needs to be developed continuously.

"IT'S NO ACCIDENT" is a four Module, video based, skill development Program. Its modular design provides flexibility in using the Program.

There is no such thing as an accident! Collisions on the highways are preventable by skillful drivers. This is the underlying message in each Module. Important issues and skills are addressed in each of the Modules. After covering all four Modules, the participant should have the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent potential crashes on the highways.

The Modules

Each Module covers a driving skills issue completely, it is recommended that users initially present the Modules in the following order:


Examines the Natural Laws of Energy of Motion, Friction and Force of Impact and shows how they impact on driving performance.


Shows actions a driver can take to be able to identify hazards and take appropriate action, as well as ways drivers can communicate their presence and intent to other drivers.


Shows how to deal with four "Danger Zones":

  • Intersections
  • Merging Traffic
  • Backing
  • Highway / Rail Grade Crossings

Also shows how to identify and avoid five types of "Dangerous Drivers".


Deals with how to control physical, emotional, and mental distractions as well as the effects of alcohol and the effectiveness of safety belts.

The Modules examine "False Assumptions" which many drivers make and suggest "Healthy Habits" to develop which can keep drivers from being involved in crashes.

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The test of a first-rate driver is the ability to control the vehicle in a safe manner, while retaining the ability
to hold multiple ideas at the same time.

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