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Anyone who reads the Hamilton area newspapers and follows driving-related topics has probably read, at some point in time, an opinion piece signed by Dez (Desmond) Miklós.

That's because Dez has always kept a close eye on and responded to any article that deals with driving habits, licensing, traffic, automobiles and road safety. And he's also thrown in his two cents on local politics and environmental issues.

Over the years Dez Miklós has sent in hundreds of letters to the editors of The Hamilton Spectator, Toronto Star, CBC. He's also been interviewed and profiled in a couple of articles and on TV.

For nine years Dez was also the host of the "Say Dez!", a driving related show on McMaster University's CFMU 93.3 FM every Sunday morning from 9:00 to 10:00. Click here to read more about his radio show.

Selected articles and opinions

Traffic circles are safe if used properly
Mountain News - October 31, 2013

Driver Industry Training Stakeholders Group Comments
Canadian Pro Drivers' Newsletter - June, 2011

Proof that’s needed for lower insurance
The Toronto Star - October 1, 2010

Just one foot, please
The Toronto Star - March 6, 2010

Driving Instructors Must Set Example
The Hamilton Spectator - January 9, 2008

Driving Instructors Hit Back
The Hamilton Spectator - January 7, 2008

Careless Motorists Need Signs to Alert of Crosswalks
Mountain News- September 21, 2007

Racing Bits and Pieces
The Hamilton Spectator - June 8, 2007

Collect the $75-million cost of expressway by using limited tolls
The Hamilton Spectator - January 15, 2007

Safe driving cannot be legislated
The Hamilton Spectator - October 21, 2006

Do speed limits need to be raised?
Mountain News - July 22, 2005

Driver fatigue the silent killer on highways
Stoney Creek News - December 24, 2004

Start impounding cars
The Hamilton Spectator - June 19, 2003

Take time to look around properly at stop signs
Toronto Star - June 7, 2003

Student drivers must get plenty of practice
The Hamilton Spectator - April 26, 2003

Test a free 407 for a month
The Hamilton Spectator - September 14, 2002

Too many drivers are just plain awful
The Hamilton Spectator - April 13, 2002

New boost to Concession Street, as shops open
Mountain News, Hamilton - March 21, 2002

Psychological tests needed
The Hamilton Spectator - February 13, 2002

Keep smiling, Canada
Toronto Star - October 13, 2001

Want your name on a bus?
The Hamilton Spectator - April 17, 2001

Sarah's drive to pass
The Hamilton Spectator - February 20, 2001

Failing driver's test has its perks
The Hamilton Spectator - January 9, 2001

Guns and cars equally dangerous
The Hamilton Spectator - January 8, 2001

Well-worn car is like a favorite pair of shoes
The Hamilton Spectator - March 23, 2000

Boring highway puts drivers to sleep
Toronto Star - August 23, 1999

Lower core taxes first priority
The Hamilton Spectator - July 27, 1998

What about the trees cut down for homes?
The Hamilton Spectator - May 5, 1997

Misleading figures
The Hamilton Spectator - November 25, 1996


Driving is a privilege, not a right. And it is not a part-time or leisure activity. It's a full-time job, requiring effort to learn the necessary skills.

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