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CCD curriculum apprové par MTO


Defensive Driver Training and
Driver Improvement Courses

DDC - NY Defensive Driving Course for New York State 4 hrs classroom only, no driving $150
DDC Defensive Driving Course ® 5 hrs classroom & 2 hrs in your car $275
DDC Defensive Driving Course classroom only Group rates are negotiable
DIC Driving Improvement Course ® 6 hrs classroom only & 1 hour in your car $275
55 A Canada Safety Council's 55 Alive Mature Driving Course 4 hrs classroom only $60

Above courses are provided in the Golden Horseshoe area in association with the following driving schools :

Lifeline Training Centres in Hamilton or Waterdown
Call 905.690.0556 (www.lifelinedrivertraining.com)

Road Worthy Driving School in Hamilton / Stoney Creek.
Call 905.664.1500(www.roadworthydriving.ca)


Cancellations for courses are accepted 48 hours in advance without penalty. Deposit of 25% required when signing up for a course. Students must have their valid drivers licence on their person at all times.

For information about booking road tests, go to our Road Test Booking page.

Corporate Programs

Driver education at the corporate level is extremely important when a fleet or a few vehicles are operated by employees. Commercial vehicles represent the company, from the time the are operated by employees. Commercial vehicles represent the company, from the time the vehicle leaves the parking lot. This is demonstrated by the driver's behaviour and the driving techniques will reflect the reputation of that company.

"Say Dez!" Traffic School has held many workshops at the corporate level with much success. These workshops are interactive and can be a minimum of four (4) hours in duration to a maximum of six (6) hours in one day. This would be in-class only and can include certification. In-vehicle would be set aside and may be held separately.

Courses would include:

  • Laws & responsibility of employee for company vehicle
  • Defensive driving techniques
  • Five seeing habits
  • Maintaining space
  • Effective Communication
  • Parking procedures and maneuvers
  • Adverse Conditions & handling emergencies
  • Preparing the vehicle and trip planning

These workshops may be held at your location.

Prices are determined by enrolment numbers, time, and location.


When driving, be a fortune teller, look into the future.

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